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Pet Behaviour

Behavioural problems in your pets, can become a real issue

About our services

We understand how important behavioural problems can be and the impact they can have on our patients and their owners. Our vet, Jade, has a keen interest in behavioural medicine and believes it plays an important part in the health and well-being of our patients. She is studying for a Master’s in Clinical Animal Behaviour, which will expand our range of services.

What we currently offer:

  • Management of cases which require more time and an environment suitable for nervous animals
  • Assessment and advice on the management of behavioural cases, including fear-aggressive patients
  • Work alongside clinical animal behaviourists and help organise referrals to ABTC-registered behaviourists
  • Provide behavioural advice for new owners

Cases we can support with:

  • Cystitis in cats
  • Stressed cats, including multi-cat households
  • Fireworks - cats and dogs
  • Sound reactivity for dogs
  • Rehomed/rescued patients
  • Anxiety, separation anxiety
  • Fear aggression
  • Fear of being at the vets

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